21 Feb 2017 – Planning

What are my most important things to achieve today?
Most important think is to understand our positioning compared to Duke of Ed/Burn Bright. Try to do this in the morning then send our emails to the first 10 contacts.
I definitely didn’t get enough sleep last night. I didn’t get to sleep til 2:20am and only slept for 3 hours before I woke, with my mind still racing. Will be interesting to note how this affects my productivity today.
Things to keep in mind during the day ahead?
Ask: what is the most important thing.

20 Feb 2017 – Reflection

How do I feel about the day?

If the goal is to be glad if you were to live everyday as you did today, then today was a failure. I rushed, procrastinated, did busy work instead of focusing on the most important thing. Instead, I need to simplify what I am doing. Do less tasks in bigger blocks.  And categorise my time spend into a few buckets (Researching/preparing GBE content, Promoting the business, GBA, Building the product, Delivery (online vs expeditions – more to come).

What were the day’s successes?

Went for a walk and had a deep and meaningful with my sister. Lunch with my girlfriend and grandparents. Completed non-creative tasks efficiently and well.

What did I learn today?

I learned that I need to be more disciplined and focus until I get into better habits. I learned that I’m my self-discipline is at its lowest when I am alone at night.

Did I let myself down or disappoint myself in any way?

The minor disappointment of not working efficiently, or in a way healthy to me.

Starting on online journal

Joshua Kugel. 29 years old. Stockmarket enthusiast since 13. Dux of school. Bachelor of Commerce (Finance). GFC. Explorations of Austrian Economics. Master of Economics (Econometrics). Strategy consultant and research analyst to the narwal resources industry. My interests take a left turn into the depths of psychology.

I left my job at the time of the divorce. The following year, 2016, was the most difficult year of my life. But it was also the year in which I grew the most.

Now, I emerge from the depths more focused than ever before. I am excited to combine the skills I learned in my previous corporate life with my burning passions  in driving my nature-based training and development business, Gone Bush Adventures in a new direction. Gone Bush Education, or Human Potential Education is the result.

This is my account of the ride, with effort put in to draw out key learnings.