20 Feb 2017 – Reflection

How do I feel about the day?

If the goal is to be glad if you were to live everyday as you did today, then today was a failure. I rushed, procrastinated, did busy work instead of focusing on the most important thing. Instead, I need to simplify what I am doing. Do less tasks in bigger blocks.  And categorise my time spend into a few buckets (Researching/preparing GBE content, Promoting the business, GBA, Building the product, Delivery (online vs expeditions – more to come).

What were the day’s successes?

Went for a walk and had a deep and meaningful with my sister. Lunch with my girlfriend and grandparents. Completed non-creative tasks efficiently and well.

What did I learn today?

I learned that I need to be more disciplined and focus until I get into better habits. I learned that I’m my self-discipline is at its lowest when I am alone at night.

Did I let myself down or disappoint myself in any way?

The minor disappointment of not working efficiently, or in a way healthy to me.